Meet my Carpatina dolls



Alfred is a time traveller from the 18th century,
he uses his magical Moonstone ring to time travel.

Name: Alfred James-William Jefferson

nickname: "Legolas" only Emily calls him this, and "Alfie."

Patriot or Loyalist?: Patriot.

Personailty: Alfred words every thing he says carefully as he speaks. And tends to think very deeply about the world around him.
He tends to bring his thoughtfulness into the things he does, and is willing to help anyone if they are in need of it.
He shares some similarities with Rowena, as in he is a hardworker and works on something until he finishes it.
He also keeps fighting for what he believes in (but he tends to be a little more gentle about it than Rowena does)

Favorite book: (modern book) the Secret of the Sealed Room: A Mystery of Young Benjamin Franklin by Bailey MacDonald.



Rowena is a time traveller from ancient ireland,
she uses her magical Moonstone crown to time travel, it used to be her mother's.

Name: Princess* Rowena

nickname: "Rory" only Alfred calls her this.

hobbies: Archery, swordplay, fighting, time travelling, teaching Alfred stuff like how to fight, telling stories.

Personailty: She refuses to be looked upon as someone who needs help, and instead intends to help others.
She is also very stubborn, and will stand her ground and sometimes even argue until she wins the argument.
However even when she is arguing Rowena is willing to listen to what someone has to say (even if she doesn't agree with it).
She is also a hard-worker (this was partly how she learned how to fight), and will work hard at a goal until she reaches it.

Favorite book: (modern book) Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede

*She's a clan leader's daughter, not exactly a princess but very close to being one.

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