Meet my star trek dolls

Dr. Crusher


Name: Dr. Beverly Crusher

nickname:"Doctor" and "The dancing doctor"

Race: Human

Rank: Medical

personality: Dr.crusher is kind, smart,
bold and always wants to help people.

hobbies: Tap dancing, dancing

Favorite food: (coming soon)

Seven of Nine

seven of nine

Name: Seven of Nine (Annika Hansen)

nickname: "Seven" everyone calls her this.

Race: Former Borg Drone

Rank: None

personality:Seven is intelligent , and likes to do her work thoroughly,
but she also has a bold and adventurous side

hobbies: Singing with the doctor , working

Favorite food: Strawberries

Deanna Troi


Name: Deanna Troi

nickname: "counselor"

Race: Half Betazoid half human

Rank: counselor

personality: Deanna is thoughtful ,
and likes to talk to people if they have a problem

hobbies: eating Chocolate , talking to people

Favorite food: Chocolate!



Name: Mezoti

nickname: (coming soon)

Race: Former borg drone/Norcadian

Rank: none, she is one of the children on the ship

personality:Mezoti is caring and creative,
she also is very smart
(considering she was once a borg drone)

hobbies: painting, sculpting, and expressing her creativity

Favorite food: (coming soon)

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