Meet My Legend of Sleepy Hollow Dolls

Ichabod Crane

Ichabod Crane

Name: Ichabod Crane

Role: School Master

Personality: (coming soon...)

Interests: Reading, Teaching students, (more coming soon...)


Katrina Van Tassel

Name: Katrina Van Tassel

Role: (coming soon)

Interests: Baking, singing lessons with Ichabod Crane, Baking, singing lessons with Ichabod Crane,

Personality: (coming soon...)

Miss Smith

Miss Smith

Name: Miss Smith*

Role: (substitute) School Mistress

Interests: (comng son)

Personality: (coming soon...)

*Is not an character from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, but is a character I made up. Also she kind of demanded to be put on this page...considering she served as a substitute teacher in an upcoming series, Banished

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