Caroline's mini adventures

hi everyone. it's Caroline. i'm so happy Quinley made a part of her website just for me and my mini doll firends. and also she is going to make doll profiles for the big dolls too!!. --caroline.

hi my name is caroline i'm molly's doll. i live on her bed. with my seal friend. "you know i wonder how i could get off molly's bed safely?" i said to myself.

"you do not want to try it. you could get hurt and even..." the seal started to say. but i was already climbing down. and then a jumped or slid down. and landed "ta-da" i said. after the safe landing i decided it would be fun to go on a adventure. but first i need a compass. molly has one on top of sarah's dresser. i got to the dresser how would i get it? i jumped up and got it! "now i have this. now were is the..." i said to myself. i turned around before i could finish i noticed a ponytail from behind the art easel. "Elizebeth is that you?" i asked. elizebeths head appeared from behind it. "yes it is! caroline i really need your help!" answered elizebeth. elziebeth is felicity's doll and felicity also has (mini) felicity doll too. "so what do you need my help for?" i asked. "so you see (mini) samatha DARED marie-grace's doll marie-grace. into climbing the canopy bed. to the top. and now she's stuck up there." elizebeth told me. i thought for a little... "i have a plan! but you have to help ok?" i asked. "ok!" elizebeth answered. when we got to sarah's bed i said to elizebeth. "ok so heres the plan you hold this." elizebeth nodded then holded it tight. i climbed up it. oh no! the curtain top of the bed almost fell down "aaaa" screamed (mini) marie-grace "don't worry i'l save you!" i shouted to her. i have heard many heroes say that in movies. elziebeth pulled it tighter. "grab onto my hand" i yelled.(mini) marie-grace took hold of my hand. we were safe! but since it must've been scary for (mini) marie-grace. we all took turns giving her a hug. all of a sudden we heard foot steps "get back to your places" i said in a rush. we did it even before molly and marie-grace came in. "...i thought it wood be fun if we could play together. since we just saw a really good movie" said molly to marie-grace. "how about we play with our dolls." marie-grace suggested. "yes! that's a great idea." answered molly. of course playing after a adventure..playing is the greatest way to have a second a way.

this story is about my doll molly's mini doll caroline.

calling all mini dolls. hi everyone. it dosn't matter weather your a person or a doll or a mini doll..and you found i hope you enjoy the story:)

some times i wonder if my quotes in my adventures will be used by other mini dolls in there adventures.---Caroline.

heres a picture i took of saige, to me it looks like what a mini dolls point of view would be. i took the picture while i was lyeing down so it looks like your looking up at saige

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